Cserhatalja Local Action Group


The Cserhátalja Area


Along the Cserhat Mountains 25 villages and Paszto, a rural town between the Western slope of Matra Hills and the gentle Cserhat Mountains. This is what we call „Cserhatalja” – „The bottom of Cserhat”. The area, which is part of the indigenous Palóc Land, an interesting Hungarian ethnic-cultural-religious traditional area, which overlaps the Hungarian a Slovakian border.




About the Local Action Group


Cserhatalja is a new LAG, established in 2008, for the 2007-2013 EU RD cycle. The lag is based on the previous Del-Cserhat (South-Cserhat) LAG, established in 2005 for the LEADER+. It has been formed in December 2007 with 116 members: 25 villages and 1 small town, 35,000 population (15 villages and 14,500 population in LEADER+) Nearly equal 1/3-1/3-1/3 share of public, private and civil stakeholders.

Activities and objectives: Assist beneficiaries, promote regional and rural development. Foster interterritorial and transnational cooperation. Develop rural economy, boost tourism, preserve cultural heritages, foster transnational cooperation. There is a high demand for village development, job creation, facilitate regional marketing. Target areas: tourism, small-scale food processing (local products)


Along Birds’ Routes
Transnational Project Proposal

People, Tourism, Culture, Nature, Biodiversity. These are the keywords of this TransEuropean LEADER TNC Project proposal, which has been widely discussed and supported by the delegates of many European LAGs in Levi, Lapland/Finland during the recent RuralNet Seminar. An opportunity to build territorial cohesion accross Europe, along birds’ routes.



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Contact: Dr. Pal Hajas, Chairman
Mr. Jozsef Kodak, Director
Ms. Monika Tabori, Manager assistant
Tel: +36-30-718-0912, Fax: +36-32-491-076
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